Gelish VS Red Carpet Manicure

So this is my 2nd time with the gel polish system that I bought a few weeks ago (Red Carpet Manicure LED light and Gelish starter kit). Here`s my "as of right now" review on Gelish by Harmony and Red Carpet Manicure:

Last time I used Gelish in "Rendezvous" which was about $12 or $15 from Sally Beauty Supply. It was a very pretty berry type pink. Just note that it didn`t look anything like the color on the label of the bottle, but i was still happy. I didn`t really care for the consistency of the product. It was pretty runny and the polish went on very thin. Personally, I like the thickness of gel polish. My nails never break when I have gel on... well... except for this one, which I believe is because it`s so thin. The color was very good, I mean, after the first coat, it was already in full color, but I still did two coats as instructed. As mentioned earlier, it was runny, so that made it was VERY easy to get it on the skin around my nails. Because this was my first time with an at home gel system, I`m not sure what`s to be expected regarding longevity. Normally I get OPI Axxium gel done at the salon and that stuff lasts until I get it re-done because of the nail growth. (I`ve gone as long as 3.5 weeks) YIKES! i`m so ashamed.. LOL! After I used the Gelish, it only lasted about a week and a half before it started to peel off. I wasn`t very happy about that, but it just gave me a chance to try something else sooner =) All in all, it`s not a bad product, it just takes some time to get used to the consistency. I`ve only used it once, so I`ll definitely give it another try and hope that it`ll last a little longer... maybe/hopefully it was user error.

Now, today I tried out "It`s Not A Taupe" by Red Carpet Manicure which was $9.99 from Ulta. I was in the mood for a nude color and that`s just what I got, thanks to the fact that the color was right on point with the color on the bottle. This polish is thicker than the Gelish polish, and after two coats, I had the same thickness that I normally get with the Axxium gel. Yay! Also, another one of my favorite things about this one is that the brush is bigger, so it`s a lot easier to apply. The color isn`t as strong as the Gelish polish, possibly because it`s such a light color, but after the first coat you knew that you definitely needed a 2nd, but two was all that it took. Like I said, I just applied this one today, so I`m not sure how long it`s going to last, but I`m hoping that if it`s thick like Axxium gel that it will last as long as Axxium gel (I`ll post an update about it later).

In the end, so far RCM wins. The quality of the product was great and it`s cheaper, so I don`t see where you could go wrong =)

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