Gel Removal Gone Wrong!

4 years ago

I am sure that some of you have seen my post about my review on the gel manicure I did at home by the brand Sensationail by Nailene. If you are interested reading my review of the kit, you can check it out /viz/2-weeks-are-gel-nails. I was really excited that 2 weeks were up since I was bored of having the same polish colour. And I couldnt wait to get this gel polish off, since I have been dying to redo my nails in a more fun way. So I went to my room to grab the necessary materials required to remove the gel: 100% Acetone Remover, a course nail file, and a bowl to pour the acetone in. I decided to take them off in my study/office room. Boy oh boy was that ever a bad idea! First off, I started to file off the top gel coat so the acetone could dissolve the gel. The filing part was no problem. Then I poured some acetone into the bowl and placed my hand into the bowl. This is where
everything went wrong. So while I was waiting for the gel to dissolve, I accidentally knocked over the bottle of 100% acetone! Stupid me, I forgot to close the lid on the bottle. More than half of the bottle spilt all over my desk. And apparently, the force of the bottle fell so hard, some of the acetone got into my eye! I had to run to the bathroom with one eye closed to flush my other eye out. Man did it ever sting! I was terrified that I would go blind for a while, but thankfully I didnt (theres a throbbing pain around my eye as I am writing this post)! So after flushing my eye out, I decided to go clean up the mess I made. But since acetone dries pretty fast, there wasnt much to clean up. But the room stunk of acetone. After the whole incident, I continued on removing the rest of my gel nails. Probably out of the whole process of gel nails, I would have to say the removal was the hardest part. I first decided to chip off the lifting pieces to make it easier. It takes a really long time for the gel to melt away. So to speed up the process, I dipped my hand in the acetone for a few minutes, and then I filed more of the gel polish off. I continued on until you cant really file anymore off, or you will damage your nails. The removal process took more than 45 minutes. And there was a lot of residue, so I recommend placing a piece of paper underneath when you file. But I am glad to say that they are gone and that I am not blind! So after removing the gel, I decided to text my friend to tell her my scary experience. I noticed that the back of my phone case felt really odd; a rough feeling. So I turned it around and there was a bunch of cracking on it. And without a doubt, I knew it was from the acetone. The acetone caused the plastic of my phone case to crack/melt! So I decided to inspect other things that were on my desk. I found out that the cover case of my really expensive calculator (that I need for my classes) was glued shut so I have no way of using it. Again, the acetone melted the plastic, causing it to glue the cover case shut to the calculator. I am unsure what else is damaged on my desk, but all I have to say is that I am really upset. Who knew that my love of nail products could do so much damage to the things I use in life? But all I have to say is that I should have closed the cap of the acetone bottle and none of this would have ever happened. And now I am off to ice my eye!
Have you had a bad experience with acetone before? *Pictures belong to me*

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