Gel Nails First Impressions (Home Edition)

4 years ago

It was time for ordinary and standard nail polish to move over and let gel nails take over. I have decided to use my new Sensationail Gel Nail kit (for home) that I bought a few days back. If you are interested to see what the kit contains, you can /viz/gel-nails-home-sensationail. So I decided to removewell chip most of my /viz/oopsglitter-overload-notd in order to do these gel nails (check out that picture!). I really have a bad habit with chipping my nails; I know its bad, but its a hard habit to break. Anyways, this will be an overview of what my thoughts are about the process taken to do these gel nails. I will also discuss what I liked and disliked about this kit. First off, this kit is a pretty good starter kit. It comes with everything you need to start gel nails at home. The price for everything is cheaper than buying everything separately. However, this kit is more expensive here in Canada than the US. First Impressions: Pros: -Everything is so tiny and cute. I really like how tiny and lightweight the LED lamp is. Did you know that LED lamps dry gel nails faster than the standard UV lamp? It cures the gel in half the time! -The instructions were very easy to read and understand. -The gel top & base coat and colour (in Scarlet Red) dont smell at all. -I like how easy it was to apply the gel coats; you can take as much time as you want to prefect it since it wont dry like ordinary nail polish. -Drying time was very fast. 30 seconds for the top & base coat (the lamp will beep to indicate that 30 seconds has passed). 60 seconds for the gel polish colour (set time is at 60 seconds, you will know when it is up when the lamp goes off). -Nice glossy finish and is hard. -Classic red colour. Reminds me of OPI Big Apple Red. -Helps brittle nails. -Comes with everything you need to get started at a descent price (manicure kit, lamp, gel, etc). Cons: -The smell of the gel cleanser and gel primer stunk very much. It reminded me of a nail salon. -It was harder to apply near the cuticles and the side of the nails. It is best not to touch those areas or it will cause lifting = chipping. To make it easier, I used my UV Gel brush. -Took a long time to do; 1 hour to do all of my nails. If you are impatient then this kit would not be great for you. You have to be patient to make sure you paint everything well so it doesnt lift. -Harder to paint my right hand (need to be very careful of cuticles and nail sides). -Even with a gel top coat on, some of the red colour wiped off when I used the gel cleanser. -Not enough gel cleanser provided. You do use quite a bit for one manicure; they should have given a bigger bottle. I am quite satisfied with the results. Super happy to as how they turned out; not bad for my first time. If you were to use this kit, I recommend you use it when you have lots of time, since patience is the key. Tip, always remember to put on a top coat after you use the coloured gel, or the coloured gel will wipe off and youll have to redo that nail (see picture of wipe). Overall I am happy with this kit. I find it strange how when you cure the gel top & base coat, it becomes a glow in the dark white; like under black lights. I do recommend this kit for those who want to try gel nails at home for a cheaper price even though there are a few cons. This kit says that it will last up to 2 weeks, so I am going to do another review after 2 weeks. I plan to take pictures everyday to show you how they are. Have you tried gel nails before? Do you want to try this kit? *Pictures belong to me*

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