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The first application
As its name implies, a UV gel is placed over natural nails, one by one. Then, the hands are subjected to ultraviolet light to fix the gel to the nails, that because the gel is composed of a photopolymerizable material. You can choose to have extensions or not and if you want a bolder look, subject to the nail art, which gives your nails a huge variety of colors and even images! The overall effect is elegant hands with nails very natural, flexible and strong. You will need at least an hour to perform this service, which is painless and does not emit any unpleasant odor.


The viscous liquid used for application of the nail contains a gel composition harmless and is hypoallergenic.
The nail gels are highly resistant and also have a paper strengthening, because they protect the natural nail as it grows, more and more healthy. They are therefore an excellent solution for those who have weak and brittle nails, as well as for those who have the habit of nail biting. The strength of the gel nails do not give chance to any rodent nail! And since the removal of the gel nails, natural will be so beautiful and strong, that these will no longer have the courage to crack!
Apart from a brilliant visual and very gracious, you can treat the gel nails the same way that natural, or paint and filing away!


Although it offers a competitive price in terms of the first application, the maintenance sessions and / or repairs can prove costly.
There is the inconvenience of having to undergo hands ultraviolet lamps for the first application.
While it may apply its own gel nail varnish can not remove them with acetone vulgar - you must purchase a "spotter" specific.

The gel as it exits the true nail grows, therefore, to maintain the initial effect, it is necessary to regular maintenance sessions, or monthly. For those who have slow nail growth, maintenance can be done every two months. These sessions serve mainly to fill with gel area near the cuticle, where the natural nail, which is now grown up, is already visible. You can also use their technique to gel nails a break. Repair is quick and seamless.

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