GCB quotGood Christian B*tchesquot TV Show aka Good Christian Belles

I saw commercials for this "GCB" television series a few weeks ago and today while visiting http://ABC.com to watch my shows I noticed the pilot episode was up so I decided to give this show a chance. I was curious what GCB represented and doing some research this show was formally called <em>Good Christian B*tches</em> and for the obvious reasons it had to be change and it stands for <strong>Good Christian Belles</strong>. This television series is an American comedy-drama show. It is a television series based on a book.

What`s this show about?
- Girls are still b*tches even if they`re no longer in high school. The smack talking, the gossips still happen when they`re older, married, and have kids (lol)

But the pilot episode focuses on a woman named Amanda. She was former known as Queen B*tch in high school but now is a widow and mother of two. She was rich til` her husband died in a car accident with a mistress and he stole billions of dollars from investors... that forced her to move back home to her mother and forces her to be back with her former high school classmates.. Amanda has changed from her high school "title name" but those girls don`t believe she has and are trying to make her insane and to leave the state again.

Watch more to see what happens.

My thoughts on the show?

I actually like it, it`s full of drama and humor. It`s like a bunch of middle age women + drama, lol.

<strong>Did you watch GCB? What did you think about it? Is this a show you would watch?</strong>

<em>Want to watch this show for free?</em>
http://abc.go.com/watch > GCB > Pilot

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