Gay Pride (Gay Straight Alliance)

Okay, so I know that there are a lot of homophobic people out there. But I really don`t care what your beliefs are, every person has the right to have their own opinions, thoughts, etc. I support gay rights, and just in case you`re wondering, no, I am not gay. I have a nephew that is gay, I have friends that are gay, friends that are bi and or lesbian. I was raised in a very catholic family but I have my own beliefs (so does my mother and my father along with my siblings, they do not care, they don`t judge, they just let people be happy with whatever they chose), I think if love exist between two people no matter the sexual orientation we have no right to come between that love. God writes our destiny, it is all written before we are even born. If God didn`t want gay people to exist he wouldn`t of made them. "God makes us perfect in his image." Anyway, this isn`t a religion thing, so moving on, the gay straight alliance is a very cool club, they go on trips and have meetings and help teens. The picture above is of a little penguin with all the gay flag colors. It was made by one of my friends and I simply loved it so I took a picture or it and saved it to my phone. The Gay Straight Alliance Club holds a gay prom. It is opened to everybody, gay or not. There`s festivals held all over the world to celebrate and support gay rights. I think that`s very awesome. They show people that they`re not alone and that people do support them. Not everybody of course but just as they have many non supporters they have supporters. I am one of those supporters, I just thought I`d share this with people and see how many supporter likes I can get, and no it`s not just about the likes, I just wanted to express my opinion.
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