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4 years ago

So...this is an extremely random post BUT I am currently obsessed with Animal Planet`s new show, Gator Boys! I`ve been watching it for a few weeks and I kept missing the new episodes since it`s on at a weird time (Mondays @ 6pm where I live). but today there was a several hour marathon thing because there was a new episode.
The show is about 2 guys (and their volunteers) who remove alligators from populated living areas. They don`t ever hurt of kill the gators, but they move them to their shelter where they nurse them (if necessary), feed them, etc. They also do gator shows and do handling tricks with them for guests. (Eventually they do release the gators back into the wild when they are ready and more tame and/or nursed back to health....and are released into safe areas away from people and harmful things.) They are a non-profit organization and they remove the gators from your house or business for free! They use their own bare hands and homemade tools to remove them, and none of which are harmful. Occasionally they will capture a venomous snake or other reptiles, also. These guys are CRAZY, They swim in mucky water and pull them out with their bare hands or jump on their backs and put their hands and limbs in their mouths - it`s nuts! They are located in Florida, and being originally from Florida myself, I love that aspect of the show, and I have fond memories of gators walking down the streets of my old subdivision lol! If you guys haven`t seen this show yet, you should check it out! It`s interesting and crazy but amazing all at the same time. I love it! xox

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