Garnier Fructis Sleek Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment Review

3 years ago

Back in October, I picked up an interesting product and mentioned it in my October Haul. I actually found this product at Shoprite when I was grocery shopping. I wanted a product that was going to take care of my dry ends and not cost me a lot. I didn`t have much hopes of finding a product and in fact nothing seemed to intrigue me until I got towards the end of the aisle and saw this cute orange bottle. It was tiny and I noticed had come from the Garnier hair line. I have used Garnier`s hair dye and conditioner before and I was really satisfied with their products so I decided to pick up their Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment. It was only $6 (in comparison to $25+ for other oils) and came in a cute 3.75 fl oz. bottle.

I have never used Moroccan oil before, but I have heard from beauty gurus and several bloggers that they love it. Moroccan oil helps control frizz while keeping your hair soft and shiny. It also nourishes your hair and repairs and damage. (which my ends need!)

This product is basically a leave in conditioner for your hair and that is how I used it.
There are several ways to use it.
You can-
Use it in the shower to boost your conditioner
Use as a leave in after shower
Use to help keep hair smooth when styling
Use as a finisher for dry hair
Use it after blow drying to tame frizz and help shine.
The product claims to absorb in an instant, restore smoothness, mend roughness, intensify shine, and deep condition.

So did the product work you ask... Here is my experience with it. This is what my hair looks like before using the product.
I was trying to take these photos in the same light so that it would be easy to compare. However, because of daylight savings, the sun has been rapidly setting and the lighting is a bit off in the photos. I also tossed on a jacket in between photos without realizing it...
As you can tell from the close ups, my hair isn`t in the healthiest condition. My hair looks okay from afar, but close up, it needs some help. All my dying/bleaching is taking it`s toll. I trimmed my hair a few weeks ago and that seemed to help, but there are parts of my hair are very dry.
To use the product, you get a small amount into the palms of your hands and then you massage it into your hair. The first thing I noticed when I opened this product was the smell. It was a strong scent similar to cologne in my opinion. I wondered why the scent was so strong so I turned back to the ingredients list to find out that perfume was the 3rd ingredient!! At the first few uses, I was turned off by the smell. It was just too much, but not I find the smell to be really nice. I think I`ve gotten used to it and have grown to love it. I sometimes put this product in my hair just because I like the smell! I knew from other Garnier products that their items always have a unique smell.
I would recommend you to take a whiff of this product in the story before buying. The smell is unique and if you don`t like it, it is going to be hard to use in your hair. If you love the smell, then that is great!
As I worked the product into my hair, I noticed that this oil was shockingly quite watery. I didn`t know what to expect from an oil, but I didn`t expect for the liquid to be similar to oil. I thought the consistency would be more like a conditioner rather than an oil. The only negative side to it being like oil is that it made it much harder for me to apply. The oil would drip through my fingers and when I put it in my hair, it made my hair look damp. Thankfully the product does dry quickly and the results it leaves behind are really nice.
For me, I tended to focus the oil into the ends and middle of my hair because that is where most of the damage is. Plus putting too much oil directly on the top of your head might not be the best idea as that can make your hair look greasy.
After using this product for ~ a month, I would have to say that I do like the product and see it as a great dupe for the more expensive oils.. This product does live up to it`s claim of quick absorption and making my hair shiny and smooth. It works well as a leave in conditioner and the smell is lovely! I use this product on a weekly basis, only putting a tiny bit into my ends in between washes. I think it is a good way to keep your hair hydrated and looking healthy.
After this product, my hair does feel smoother and it looks better. The only complainant I have is that I noticed that this product leaves an odd film in my hair. When I wash my hair, I notice that there is some residue from this product in my hair. It takes some effort to wash out and it feels a bit weird. I do wonder why this happens because it is a bit annoying, but overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who needs some moisture in their hair, but can`t afford the expensive products.

To be honest, I don`t think this product is as a good as the real Moroccan and argon oils, but keep in mind that this was a fraction of the cost. I think the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is a great product for the price that it is!

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