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4 years ago

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Hello! I had a chance to test out the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner through the bzzagent program.

The shampoo and conditioner is suppose to target dry and damaged hair. It claims to restore hair to make it stronger, healthier, silkier and more radiant.

Garnier Fructis:
Contains Olive Oil (nourishes the core), Avacado Oil (Nourishes and softens the middle layer, Shea Oil (Nourishes and smoothes the surface).
The <strong>Shampoo</strong> is clear... which is what I look for in a shampoo. I prefer clear shampoo`s over a creamy white one because I feel like it cleans my hair and scalp more. The creamy white ones feel like they leave a little left over residue in my scalp.
The <strong> Conditioner</strong> is very conditioning and the same color as any conditioner =).

It also smells great.. I think all Garnier Fructis products have a nice scent to them, nothing over bearing.

<strong>Did it live up to its claims for me?</strong>
My hair was always strong.. but it was really dry. I think the shampoo did make it look slightly healthier and feels more soft but my ends feel really dry still. I still have half of the bottles left =)... So ill need to update this when the bottles are empty. So far it seems to be working for my hair.

<strong>UPDATE:</strong> My ends are not dry anymore! and my hair looks so healthy!! I love it.. I see a slight shine to it.. but not too much.. but that`s ok because I dont like my hair shiny =)!

P.S: I trim off my split ends weekly myself. Mostly on the weekends.. I just take a pair of small scissors and look through my ends for split ends and snip those babies off!.. Saves me money from going to the salon.. and it makes my hair look healthier.

I like it and I am thinking abut purchasing it again.

-I am a bzzagent and received this product for free to review-

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