Garnier BB CREAM

4 years ago

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Lets start by adding that this product looks nice and is creamy for dry skin but it WILL accentuate dry patches if you do not moisturize properly (for dry skinned folks). If you have oily skin then this WILL make you oilier. Now, this product looks good at first and especially when you first apply BUT it is VERY BAD for your skin and after a few hours it gets oily and the makeup disappears but you can still feel the gunk on your face. It may work for some but def not for me. I have sensitive dry skin and I can tell by how a product works usually the first try, if not, then within the first week.
This product is VERY HAZARDOUS for your skin , by hazardous I mean from 0-10 (0 being organic/natural and 10 which is basically toxic) it is hazardous 7. If you use hazardous products, it will build up in your system over the years and can affect you in MANY ways. I try not to go past hazardous 5. I actually try to stay within 4 but usually 3 and under.
To view how hazardous your makeup is, please visit and go to skindeep cosmetic database. You can put in any brand. Deoderant, lotion, skin cream, makeup, baby products, mens products, sunscreen, basically anything!

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