Garnier -gt Simply Essential 2-In-1 Make Up Remover

5 years ago

Garnier -> Simply Essential 2-In-1 Make Up Remover;

Hello my lovelies :)

So, i tend to mix up my makeup remover every now and again because i find that my skin gets used to a particular product an then it decides not to work for me anymore haha weird i know

This must be my 5th bottle of this makeup remover, i`ve just started using it again and i forgot how amazing it was, so naturally i had to do a review for you guys :)

Now it states on the bottle that it can be used for face and eyes, however, i only tend to use it on my eyes and my skin can be quite temperamental and i`ll most probably break out :/ haha which we don`t want.

What i tend to do is shake this bad boy up and soak a cotton pad and lay it on my eye for about a minute so the mixture of the oils and cleansing waters can work together to start breaking down my mascara and so on. I then wipe my eye and most of my eye makeup is gone :D i tend to go back a few times though just to make sure all my make-up is removed, we don`t want Panda Eyes :3

The solutions contains No Perfume & No Alcohol and is suitable for even the most sensitive skins! :)

It`s even capable of removing water proof makeup really easily, when i went on holiday last year i found myself using some waterproof mascara around our pool because sometimes you still want to look nice whilst sunbathing haha and i brought this makeup remover with me and it took the mascara off so easily, i used the same technique which i discussed above :)

The only down side to this product is that because it has oils and cleansing waters you need to give them a good shake to incorporate them well, however, they do tend to separate really quickly. So every time i need a new cotton pad i find i need to re-shake the bottle. It`s not a huge issue but if your in a rush or if your really tiered it can get a bit frustrating.

Overall, i think it`s a great product which i would recommend :) it costs around £2.99 depending on your supermarket and if they are having any special offers. I find that this is usually on offer quite a lot which is great!

Let me know what you think!! :3

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