Garmin Forerunner 305 - A complete fitness watch

5 years ago

When it comes to sports and exercise, is good to keep track of you activity to analyze it so you can improve or see your progress.
One thing i always advice is an app to track your track and a heart rate monitor to see your calories, but this requires different devices. So what if you could get all this in just one?! You can with this garmin sports watch.

This Garmin watch first got my attention when i saw it here on the LUUUX Shop but they removed it by now and its available anymore.Still, the watch is still in stores and its a very nice store and with good reviews from what i have read.
Here is what you can do with it:

-Track your steps/trail and distance, speed,etc with the GPS on the watch;
-Measure your heart rate and get live feedback for it
-See the number of calories burned
-Upload and anyalize data to your computer with graphics and compare data to see progress
-Use it on a bike with a special accessory
-Attach a foot accessory to your shoe that connects to the watch for indoor/treadmill running and still get distance, speed, etc.

The downside i would see to this watch is how bulky it is, looking at pictures and videos it really is a bulky watch but its understandable since it has gps in it.
It costs 230$ on amazon, so its not the cheapest but it does have a lot of features and might be worth the price.

<strong>Do you have a sports watch or heart rate monitor? Do you track your progress? What do you think of this watch?</strong>

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