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I thought I should share one of the nearest and dearest things to my heart besides my family, my cats, and friends... My love of gardening. There is something special about germinating seeds, growing and nurturing plants, and harvesting nutritious produce. I have always enjoyed growing things and now is no different. I`ve pretty much always had a garden, whether it was big or small. I was a little late on seeding and planting this year due to my responsibilities with the Military. So I`m working on a late season garden that I plan to partially move indoors once the seasons change. I already have a few indoor plants such as pineapple, and the rest are pretty much outdoors.

Yes, you read that right, a pineapple plant. Did you know it`s possible to grow a pineapple stem and it`s seeds? They take a while to grow and you won`t get any fruit for 14-16 months after potting the stem of a pineapple. The seeds take even longer, but it is very much possible. I get so excited by watching the seeds germinate and the plants growing. A big reason why I grow my own produce is because I want to know exactly what goes into the food that I eat. Learning about all of the genetic engineering of crops and the industrialization of farms and how they use so many chemicals, it grossed me out. Fresh and naturally grown is the way to go.

Have you ever tried to growing any plants? Do you have a garden?

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