GameStop plans to sell Nexus 7, starts taking Android tablet trade-ins

Google`s Andy Rubin suggested the Nexus 7 would reach third-party US stores eventually -- we just didn`t think it would be this quickly. GameStop says it`s taking pre-orders for the 16GB version of the Android 4.1 tablet starting today. At $249, it will cost exactly what it does in its currently exclusive Google Play home; in other words, one of the parties involved could be taking a voluntary hit on the already razor-thin profit margins. The 7-inch slate should be arriving roughly at the same mid-July timeframe as it is for those ordering straight from the Google source.

It wouldn`t be GameStop if there weren`t trade-ins involved, and sure enough, the game retailer is using the Nexus 7 as the lure. Confirming an earlier leak, the chain is now accepting Android tablet trade-ins worth up to $200 in cash (or $250 in store credit) depending on how pristine the hardware is coming into the store. Play your cards right, and you`re very nearly getting the Google-blessed tablet for free. As an extra incentive, any gear whose exchange goes directly towards buying the Nexus 7 will get a 30 percent boost in value. Knowing the buzz surrounding the price-to-performance ratio of the ASUS-made Nexus, we won`t be surprised if GameStop suddenly faces a glut of older Android tablets in its backrooms.

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