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5 years ago

Remember when games were not on your phone or a tablet? Here`s a look through some of the games I ABSOLUTELY ADORE growing up.

Sega Genesis was my very first video game system and my favorite game then was Sonic the Hedgehog.

When I got a SNES I actually didn`t play american games that much. Probably Super Bomberman was my favorite as well as Mario RPG as far as the American Games. I was really into the ANIME games like Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball Z! Yeah I couldn`t read it or understand what they were saying. lol. But I had fun!

On the Dreamcast I played a lot of RPGs. There was one good one online that escapes me. I also started playing the Dance Dance Revolutions and the Space Channel 9 type of musical games. =)

For the PSOne and Two, Gauntlet was my game with 3 other friends. I used to play that in the arcade with my friends and we continued when it was released as part of a Greatest Hits for PSOne.

For the PS3 I`ve had for a long time but really haven`t played games on it much. The game I`ve played the most in the past was Fallout 3.

Speaking of Fallout 3, for the PC, I grew up on games like Colonization (The original one!), Sim City, Fallout 1, The Sims and DIABLO 2!

Talk the TALK
1) What games did you grew up playing?
2) Do you think console systems will die with the emergence of Tablets and Smartphones?

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