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4 years ago

Biggest disappointment of my year: Resident Evil Raccoon City - Enough said about this. It was a good idea poorly executed. When this was announced I was excited with the idea of playing as operatives of umbrella, as were many I`m sure. The trailers looked fantastic and the story seemed well enough but when it actually came out all that flare seemed for nothing.

Most Anticipated Game of My year: This award is shared with three games, It was was too hard to decide between the them. First game is Tales of Graces F. I had been waiting for Graces since it came out on the wii, but with the set backs due to the bugs in the wii version and hen the release of the ps3 version in japan I couldnt wait for it to be released in the US. I still havent beaten it yet since I am currently playing so many games at once but I am well into 30 hours of the game. The combat is fluid and well put together and the story line flows nicely which makes this one of the best tales games i`ve played. The only downside that I see to the game is the lack of exploration and how linear the game is which reminds me of final fantasy 13.
The next game is Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade was one of those titles that many people were waiting for, to the point that a petition was started called Operation Rainfall to bring it staeside. This game is basically a console version of an MMO, the combat is auto based and you hit the hotkeys to perform your abilities. The world is extremely expansive to the point that you get lost for countless hours in the massive side quests. I spent over five hours alone in the beginning just on side quests. The story is great and the graphics are one of the best available for the wii.
The final game is to be expected, The Last Story. What a great send off for the Wii, the second game in the Operation Rainfall. With the Wii coming to an end this game was released with a nice collectors edition and bonus soundtrack if preordered. It has an interesting combat system and just like Xenoblade it features one of the best graphics available for this outdated system. The soundtrack is amazing and gives you that epic feeling as you play through the game, which that alone is worth it.

Surprise Game of my Year: The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. When this was announced I was iffy about it. Dont get me wrong I love the show and the comics, but I`ve never had good experiences with games based off movies or shows. In fact it took me quite a while before I actually decided to give this a shot. What decided it for me was a recommendation from my cousin who is a member here as well. We have almost Identical tastes in games and so when he told me about it I bit the bullet and bought it. And wow was I hooked, I played through the first two chapters that were available and I couldnt wait for the others. It was just that good, the fact that every decision has an impact on the game was the winner for me.

Most Recommended Game of My Year: Atelier Meruru. I am A big Nisa fan, and with that in mind I also can`t be biased or this would be filled with those games. While not my favorite in the trilogy (Atelier Totori holding that title) it still is a top notch game. Not many games make me sit down and play it non stop and this was one of those games, extremely addicting. The concept of building the kingdom was new to the series and a welcome improvement as you saw the changes through the game. Though I missed the feel of the adventure from Atelier Totori this game made up for it with the ease of gathering and item creation. Unlike Rorona and Totori you don`t feel so time constricted which makes it that much easier to explore. The music is happy and cheerful but then becomes epic when you go into boss fights. The ultimate moves also get their own cutscenes and epic music when you are about to issue the final blow. All in all this game is the only game that I actually played 3 times in a row to try and get the best ending which is why I highly recommend this.

Game of My Year: The Award for this game easily goes to The Walking Dead. The game was just that good. As the story goes on the character development is one of the best I`ve ever seen. The way the game pieces together is so perfect that you don`t mind the occasional glitch. And the way each episode ends is just so great that it leaves you wanting for more. The best cliff hanger was after episode four, knowing that the last episode was the next one and the way episode ended made it seem like crack for me, I was addicted, I needed more, and then I got it. The last chapter was the shortest, but most epic. Before this game I had only cried at the end of one game, persona 3, when I beat The Walking Dead, I couldnt stop myself from crying, I`m not ashamed to admit that. Of course this game has its down sides, the controls during combat are clumsy, the game glitches in episode 3 quite often, and the fact that you are stuck in some situations where it doesnt matter what you choose sucks, but all that is set aside because the story telling and voice acting are so top notch. Final note on this, just buy it and play it.
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