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4 years ago

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Now I`m here to review a game controller that I`ve had for almost 2 years now for my PC. It`s called the Game Elements Recoil controller. I got this controller after my GRAVIS Joystick of 8 years finally started to malfunction. It served me well but it was time to move on. It`s a little on the expensive side for PC controller at around $34-$40 American. (depending on the retailer). I got mine at Wal-Mart so it was decently priced. But with a sizable price comes a very well made controller. I`ve been using it for nearly two years now and it`s shown very little ware and it works like it was new out of the box. What makes this a great controller is that after you`re through using it you can unplug it form the USB port, hit a switch on top of it and the cord will retract! One less cord to get in your way! It`s in the identical same layout as a Play Station`s controller so PS games that are also on the PC can play the exact same way as on the PS. Well as long as you set it up correctly. It`s quite tough too. I`ve dropped it a few times and it looks and works like nothing`s happened. It`s very easy and comfortable to hold and use, and with its rubber grips there`s very chance of hand slippage. I just with they made USB to PS adapters (I know they make the reverse i just wish they made them USB to PS).

All in all this is a very good quality controller, and if you`re looking for one for your PC the Game Elements Recoil is the best you can get. I highly recommend it!
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