Gambling with your food? Roulette Doritos

2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

Have you heard about this new Doritos flavour? I guess, it`s not really a `flavour` but a new concept.

Basically, this bag of Doritos is supposed to test your luck. The majority of the bag has regular Doritos, however there are also some hot and spicy nachos mixed in! So in every handful, you have a chance of picking up some very spicy chips instead of the regular, mild ones.

Basically, you are gambling with your taste buds, Russian roulette style.

While it is certainly just a marketing ploy, I thought it was a clever idea. And I can tell you that those spicy chips can year start making to feel the heat, especially if you happen to get 2 in a row! Lol

My brother loves Doritos, and loves spicy food, so this is one of his new favourites :).

Have you seen the Roulette bags in stores yet?

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