Galaxy Tab with 1.10 blocked sales in the U.S. after complaints from Apple

Another small victory for Apple in what may be considered the First World War technology worldwide. It is also possible that Samsung reverse the decision if the appeal courts to be valid.

Speaking rivals iPad does not make much sense - the Apple tablet is all powerful and prominent leader in the market. Yet there are competing devices fighting for consumers for financial reasons or simply casmurrice not come to tabelete apple brand as a viable choice. Casmurrice is also the word for the Cupertino company, the slightest possibility that attempts to eliminate all competitors in the market, mainly through accusations of patent infringement. Samsung is one of the favorite victims, and this time the South Korean brand has lost the use of a preliminary appeal made by Apple in a California court. Result: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is no longer sold in the U.S..

According to the decision of Judge Lucy Koh, the final decision was made taking into account the strength of merit that Apple has in the case and the low probability that Samsung will be able to invalidate the indictment of Apple`s patent on the design. The court also stated that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "virtually indistinguishable" from the iPhone and therefore a violation of rights. In the judge`s judgment can be read even in the perspective of the market, design is crucial when buying a tablet, once for each Galaxy Tab would be sold to Apple in losses.

After they were just five hours, the court`s decision was challenged by Samsung that appealed to higher courts. If the use of the mark South Korea will be considered acceptable, Apple will lose 2.6 million dollars that had to pay to the court as a kind of guarantee if their charges were to prove unfounded. It is worth remembering that this whole legal battle only targets the Galaxy Tab 10.1, so the Samsung will continue to sell all remaining models.

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