Galaxy Shoes

The shoes you can see above... I made those ;D
They`re pretty simple to do but take a bit of time :)

You`ll need;
-Blue/Black shoes (mine were just £3.50 from Primark, but if you`re feeling daring you could use Vans etc.)
-Pink, Purple, Blue & White Acrylic Paint (i`ve heard you can use fabric paint, but I found acrylic first for around 80p a bottle)
-Sponges (I just used some make-up sponges, but regular dish-washing sponges are fine)
-Paint Palette
-Thin Paint Brush
-Duct Tape (you may not have heard of this, but it`s basically grey thick construction tape, you could use masking tape or something similar, so long as it`s fairly thick )

1. Lay out your newspaper on a flat surface (this can get messy!) and begin to duct-tape around the base of your shoes (the white trim) as you don`t want paint getting smudged on there
2. Prepare your paints on your palette (I had to make purple from red and blue, but you should be able to buy purple) and using your sponge start to dab blue on any part of the shoe, then proceed with purple and pink so the colours blend into one another; there`s no `right` or `wrong` way to do it because it`s meant to be unique so just have fun experimenting, and it`s easy to apply paint over-top of any mistakes, carry on with this until the shoes is covered and do the same with the other shoe, I purposefully made mine different to the first but you could try and duplicate it if you wish :)
3. After the paint has dried you can remove the duct-tape or leave it on if you wish, I didn`t do this stage at first but I would advise you sponge white onto your shoe in scattered places (I focused on the front and did not continue the white around the whole shoe) after this, use your paint brush to paint small dots over the shoes (stars) and attempt a few shooting stars, bigger stars etc. use the internet to find some inspiration :)
4. Leave to dry and you`re all done :) I will be spraying my shoes with a water-proofing spray so the paint doesn`t run when it`s raining, as these shoes were cheap, I can easily buy a new pair when they`ve worn out and create a new pattern :)

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