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3 years ago

Honestly, I am pretty amazed by this new Android phone.
I usually don`t like looking at reviews of iPhones and Samsung because they are usually the same but this one was quite interesting.
I was agreeing with the name of this phone if Apple were to name it, but you will have to read the article to know lol. But this phone has some features worth taking in account into getting and some not so much interested.

My likes:
-waterproof? thats what I`m saying! its pretty crazy how I read this BUT i need to see it in person to believe it.
-cover of the charging port. I really like that, its built in and its pretty nice to have. They have some iPhone over ups for the charing port but its a lot of work when you have a case already lol.

-finger scan feature.
its pretty nice with the whole use your finger to unlock and use it to verify your paypal account, but it seems as if its too much to handle. and its getting close to the `my phone is my life`

Not some much happy with:
-screen! my friend has a S3 and compared to my iPhone 5, its too big for me to even reach my thumb across the screen! this was 5.1 in screen. too much for me
-`ultra power saving mode` i don`t like the idea of having everything shut down (my data and other apps in use) now a days lot of people don`t care if their phone is near 30% to 10% to 1% I had my iPhone for 1% for 6 hours and still had Data, Wifi, games, twitter, calls, all on going. If I had an emergency and I need to look up a number and I needed to use my data, and i had this phone, I would have problems.

I am an iPhone user, so if you love Android, then this has to be the phone for you, but personally, I can`t maneuver an android without playing with it.


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