Galaxy Note 10.1 = Waste of Money?

4 years ago

Would you pay $499 for a tablet?

Some would, but depending on what its purpose is.

For the Galaxy Note 10.1, a lot of people are baffled at what exactly the purpose of this tablet is. For starters, the speed and specs are almost identical to that of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. The screen size is the same and the speakers are a bit bigger on the side.

The real addition to the tablet is the pen. It`s an electronic pen that allows you to jot down notes and the tablet is smart enough to know exactly what you`re trying to write or draw due to the sensitivity of the pen and the tablet.

That`s a real addition, however, if you have no use for taking notes, it seems like a nice to have function rather than something you really need.

The only other function that really stood out between the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is the fact that the Galaxy Note can now do multi-tasking. However, if you`re just using your tablet to watch movies, read ebooks and browse occasionally, you don`t really need multi-tasking. Again, its one of those functions where it`s a nice to have rather than necessity.

On the contrary, this tablet is targeted towards students, especially with the addition of the pen. However, if you`re really in the workforce, you realize that having a concrete notebook or laptop is much more useful than having a tablet. For one thing, you can run hardcore functions on your laptop such as macros on Microsoft excel that requires processing power, especially for a 10000 x 5000 spreadsheet full of data. You can`t do that with a tablet.

Personally, for a similar price tag of $500, I would go for the ASUS transformer pads with the keyboard docks. They seem much more useful especially with the additional processing power and the ability to change from PC to Tablet.

The Galaxy Tab 2 only costs around $350-400. Do you really want to spend $100 more because of an electronic pen?

It`s your choice.

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