Gaining Weight Healthily - Stage 1

5 years ago

So many of my friends and relatives (especially female) want to lose weight, I actually want to gain some.
I have always been very skinny. To make the problem worse, I was very short too until about 15/16. Looking back at pictures I look about 3 years younger than all the other girls. Now I am of average height (172cm) but still very skinny.
I am very appreciative of the fact that I don`t constantly watch what I eat to keep my figure. I eat and eat and eat all day long but can`t seem to stack up on any kgs!
The past few weeks I have conducted a lot of research and set up a few tips and guidlines for my journey. To motivate other skinny girls out there, I will share these with you.

1) Find out WHY you can`t gain weight. For me it is not a lack of appetite but has a genetic backround. (thyroid hyperfunction)
2) Roughly count the calories you eat per day over a few weeks to determine how many more you need to intake to gain some weight. (I used to eat about 2000 a day and have increased now to 2500 - 2700)
3) HEALTHY EATING. You do not only want to eat fast food, fatty and sugary foods all day! These will increase calorie intake but rather develop into deseases and problems later on in your life rather than gaining in a healthy way.
4) Eat GOOD FATS. Nuts, nuts, nuts and avocados. These are only a few foods full of healthy fats which will help in the process!
5) Go the gym and do muscle work. I do not want all the access calories just to go into my stomach and sit there. I want an overall fuller body. So I do workouts for body, chest, stomach, back and leg muscles.
6) It`s a long journey. There will be no immidiate results especially if you are doing it the healthy and right way. So don`t lose motivation if there is no weight gain for a while.

I will follow up on more of this stages if you wish! Let me know what you think.
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