Gabrielle Nestade VS Rashad Owens

11 months ago

Gabrielle Nestande was at SXSW when she was currently on probation and not supposed to be around alcohol but was. Driving in her black BMW hits Courtney Griffin doesnt render aid drives off and Courtney dies. What does she receive you may ask well Mrs. Nestade receives 180 days in Travis County jail in Austin Texas, 10,000 fine, 600 hours of community service and the warning not to enter any place that makes 70% of their profit from alcohol sales.

Rashad Owens at this same festival SXSW doesnt pull over for a minor traffic violation and instead speeds off going down a blocked off street intoxicated with police following close behind him with no sirens on but the lights are visible. Mr. Owens kills 4 people some of which died days later and injured 20 people. His sentencing you ask? Capital murder and sentenced to life in prision without the possibility of parole. He never meant to kill anyone nor was it planned.

The same county where a decision was made to let Mrs. nestande off with minor grounding chose to give another man life in prision. The judge stated ` I am giving you a second chance, what you decide to do with it is your decision. I can and will give you prision time` .
How does one person get a second chance and not the other? How is it fair that ones fate is cut off of all second chances but someone else gets to breathe air outside of a clustered prison?
The justice system needs to change and be fair across the board and not pick and choose whom they feel is more qualified for a second chance. Who are you to decide if someone gets a second chance breathed into their body and is able to have a chance at a normal life after an accident happened?

I am only asking you all look and support an appeal for Rashad Owens giving him a fair chance at what could be a second chance at life again. Laws should be laws and sentencing should be equal.

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