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Subject: Beautiful nails? This makes them!!!
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<br /><br /><div><br /></div>IM always complimented on my beautiful nails, and asked are they really bet they take alot of takin care of?? And thr answer is no!!! I love my nails and hands and I feel that if you dnt take care of your hand what else dnt you take care of??? Your hands and nails are always on show and its one thing people see everyday as we use them all the time from payin with money at a shop or picking something up where always using them. So for me takin a few minutes out everyday to clean them properly cream them up and then add my lil secret weapon for great nails is nothing, I can do it while watching tv!!! This is my secret weapon its called solar oil I no most of you already no this, but for thos who dnt you really need to try it just use the stick but instead of putting it on your nails rub it around the cuticles and knag nails I do it 2 times as it drys quickly and works wonders in an instant!!!! So if you want nice nails giv solar oil a try I picked this lil bottle up from my local nail bar for £2.50 and its lasts ages bargin...<div>Tags-solar oil nice nails cream cuticles</div>

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