Furry iPhone case amp doubles as a Furry Pet too =)

<em>Are you lonely like me cause my boyfriend`s out of town for the next few months or possibly longer? Do you want a companion? </em>

This Apple iPhone case is for the 4 or 4S model and it serves as a case as well as a furry pet, lol. There are three colors available: white, brown or gray. Your furry pet is make believe.. so for the white it could be a polar bear, for the brown it could be a squirrel, and for the gray it could be cat..

Either way, I don`t think the case is a good idea cause it could get dirty easily... and who want`s a dirty phone case/pet (supposedly). But your furry friend will help you have a safe landing if your phone falls on its back.. if it falls on the front side then you`re screwed, lol. =)

Although this case is pretty silly, it`s not cheap either. It costs $39.99 each!

<strong>Is this a case you would purchase?</strong> Even though I`m quite lonely, I wouldn`t purchase this at all but it`s rather cute.

Photos via http://www.ion-factory.com/monster_info.php#

Source link: http://www.ion-factory.com/monster_info.php#

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