Furniture made out of mahogany

4 years ago

I went to a chinese museum which had rooms for different ancient items such as:

The one room that amazed me the most was the furniture. I was interested in it because my grandparents and family friends own those furniture as well. According to research these ancient furniture (tables, mattress holders, study tables and etc.) were made during the Ming dynasty which is between CE 1368-1644 if i remember correctly. The workers who made these furnitures usually made them out of mahogany. However, some people make these out of wood nowadays. I personally think that they started to use wood because it was
1. Easier to make
2. Cheaper to make
3. It still looks quite similar to the olden day furnitures that were made out of mahogany

I was facisnated by this study room filled mahogany furnitures because it made me feel this mood of relaxment. The art on the wall was very calming and showed a lot of the rooms atmosphere. I really enjoyed going to this museum .. it has taught me a lot

<strong>Do you own any of furnitures made out of mahogany ? </strong>

take care
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