Furla Candy Bag

5 years ago

Last year I seen a lot of fashion bloggers with these colorful bags and I was instantly hooked. I had to look up the information on the bag right away!! I really wanted one but the price was something I was not digging at all! I sometimes like a certain thing but then get over it so I decided to wait off to see if it was just a phase. I knew that I wanted the bag because I kept going back to their website. I literally felt like a stalker!!! Lol.. I would check shop style or http://beso.com to see if by any chance they would go on sale. I knew that wasnt going to happen the only one that would go on sale
was the mini candy bag , not what I wanted. During the holidays I had received a $100 gift card from Macys so I decided to finally order it online and pay the $100 left of the balance. If there is anything I splurge on is handbags. You know how some people pay 100+ for Jordans? Well I use it to buy a purse. Lol.. I put in the order and guess what SOLD OUT! I was like are you serious why let me put it in the cart and then tell me there is none in stock.

I decided to leave it like that and not order anything. I was checking my email and got and interesting email. Macys was sending me an email stating there was 20% off all designer
handbags + free shipping. The temptation instantly starting creeping in! I decided to check if they had the bag in stock. Yes! They sure did!

Original price $198.00
-20% OFF ($39.60)
+15.20 tax
Free Shipping
-$100 gift card ( I got for the holidays)
<strong>Total: $73.60</strong>
It pays off to wait!

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