Functions of makeup brushes for eyes

Know in detail the makeup brushes that we use for eye makeup!

Who here likes makeup but do not know which brush to choose to do that smoky super modern? Today`s article is for those who want more makeup brushes for the eye area, and know how to use each one.

Besides the famous sponge brush, the brushes makeup won several models, synthetic bristles, natural bristles short, long, pointed, flattened ... but what each one of them?
Discover below ............

The function of each brush makeup is one of the major concerns of many women who like to dress up, but find themselves lost with so many brushes on the market. These have come to show you some of the brushes and eye functions.
The synthetic bristle brushes are ideal for creamy shadows and shadows loose, as to the natural bristle shadow compact.
Brushes for applying shadows.
Usually the brushes for applying shadows are firmer and fairly bristles. All these brushes used to apply eye shadow, is in the corner or across the eyelid, see their functions in detail:
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 These brushes are brushes with bristles and are very flat, is to apply throughout movable eyelid shadow. The 3, 4 and 5 being most soft, and also serve to apply larger and blending while the shade.

6:07: I do not like these brushes because it has very little bristle, then you can not put very well by being very molinho shadow, but the function of this model is also the application of mobile shadows on the eyelid.
8, 9 and 10: These brushes are small brushes that are used to apply shadow on smaller areas of the eyes, ideas for implementing the illuminator in the corner.
11: synthetic bristle brush serving to apply shadow cream, or for priming in the eye. The brushes are synthetic bristles above except number 11.
Brushes for blending:

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The brushes for blending must be very cute, with lots of bristles, the brushes to blend generally has a rounded tip or pontudinha.
12 and 13: These brushes are big, fluffy, soft and fairly bristles. They are ideal for blending all the shadows, making that famous smokey eye.
14, 15 and 16: These are almost pencil brushes, since it is not cutting edge so sharp, it is more rounded. They are ideal to mark the shadow in the hollow and also for blending the shadow accurately.
17: Brush to blend well pontudinho. It serves to highlight the concave from the beginning of the eyes in a finely.
All brushes are also natural bristle.
Brushes with varied functions:

18: Brush with many bristles, and firm. Serves to apply shadow and illuminator below the eyebrows quite firmly.
19: Brush with bristles and a lot of cant. This type of brush used for applying shadows under the eyebrows and to do that quickly blurred in outer corner of eye.
20: Brush flat and firm. This type of brush serves both to one outlined in the eye, as for application of eye shadow below.
21:22: Brushes firm, flat and with short bristles. They serve to apply eye shadow below and to the eye contour blending done by a pencil.
23:24: beveled brushes and firm. Serves to make the outlined eyes with eyeliner cream / gel or creamy shade.
25 and 26: Brushes for details. The number 25 also serves to thin the one outlined in the eye and for artistic drawings, which is the function 26.
The synthetic bristle brushes are the numbers 20, 23, 24, 25 and 26, others are natural bristle.
To choose the brushes to your eye you should notice if your eye is large and small, if you have a small eye you have no use a brush to blend a huge, huge shadow brush to apply, because it will not work.
As you are buying brushes you will train and give various functions to those that you think does not fulfill its function or those who are "bad." I for one have to cut bristles of brushes super large to adapt to another function. But be careful you can ruin the brush.

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