Fun Times with Paint: Striped Office Walls

Hey Luuuxers - I wanted to share this image with you guys. It`s the aftermath of my crazy little brain in design mode. I had a design client who was really into wow factors in design but wasn`t a fan of paying her bill. Oh well, I did get the image before I removed her from my client list. This was her office, Mettalic and Eggshell paint! I usually don`t design in Purple because I`m biased and I always think it`s great but her fiance said it was a good color choice so I sprinted to the finish line. I wanted something that was cool, purple and still held some masculinity as well. I love the way it turned out, it looks like a colorblock, and I guess it is, but it`s actually only 2 colors.

The Purple is ICI is in Eggshell Finish, I originally suggested Flat but she said her fiance had a habit of swiping the walls with his hands for no apparent reason so we had to go with something that was easy to clean. The color is ICI Dulux Black Tulip A1995.

The gray is the same above and below the purple stripe although it appears to be a brown color or darker gray at the bottom. It`s just what happened once it was painted, it created a great illusion and I was happy with it because she had a dark brown chair that she wouldn`t let go of and it tied the chair in perfectly! This gray is from Martha Stewart Precious Metal Collection Crag MSL379. I love how the top looks like a pewter metal and the bottom takes on a gunmetal or bronze depending on the light.

So here`s to say that stripes can be fun and they may even surprise you, but never be too afraid to experiment it may come out to be exactly what you need!

Tell me your thoughts on this colorblocked office scheme and also what have you done with your space that makes it creatively you?

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