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Hey Beautiful,

Too burnt from the sun to do anything this summer? Nothing left to do? Weve all had these moments during the summer. Moments where are hearts start skipping beats because we are about to die of ultimate boredom.

Well hopefully that will happen a bit less with this fun summer craft, thats cute enough to wear. (;

Heres what you will need!
-A pair of cutoff shorts. (You can even buy a pair of jeans from a thrift store and cut them off yourselves!)
- A tie-dye kit, or another way to tie-dye clothes.
- A bucket or large container.
- Water.
- Bleach.

The first thing you need to do is bleach your shorts, you can do this by putting it in a spray bottle and squirting it onto the shorts or letting them soak in a tub of bleach. (Make sure to dilute the bleach with water, or your shorts will be eaten!)
When the shorts are white and thoroughly dry begin dying them. You can dip them in a tub of dye, or you can put the dye in bottles and do multicolored shorts.
(Hint: Rubber-banding parts of the shorts give it cool effect. [: )

After the shorts are dry, machine wash them and theyre ready to wear. (:

Hope you enjoy!

Carpe Diem,
summer jeans

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