Fun Friday Lip Tips!

Tip 1: If your lip gloss is too sticky, then apply a little bit of colourless, scentless (if your lip gloss is scented) chap stick first before putting on your lipgloss. Apply a less amount of lipgloss as well. I know some brands like Victorias Secret and some drug store brands can get a bit sticky and no one likes to walk around with their lips sticking together! (I`m not bashing any of those brands because Victoria`s Secret is one of my favourites!)

Tip 2: For chapped and cracked lips, the oldest trick in the book is to take an old (SOFT!) toothbrush and add a bit of Vaseline and gently exfoliate it with the toothbrush. To "upgrade" this trick, you can take one tablespoon of brown sugar, and about 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mix it in a sealable container. Take a little bit of the mixture and rub it on your lips. The sugar will act as an exfoliant while the olive oil will moisturize and revitalize your lips. The rubbing will increase blood flow and make them have more colour as well. Once you`re done, wash off the scrub and apply chap stick as usual. You can save the sugar scrub for another time, you don`t have to use it all at once!

Tip 3: SPF is important!! Men are more likely to get lip cancer (yes it`s real!) than women because men typically don`t wear chap stick and (let`s hope not) lip stick or lip gloss. The chemical in lip stick and chap stick is titanium dioxide-it basically gives the product it`s opacity. But titanium dioxide is also present in sunblock, which protects the skin from harmful sun rays. So next time you`re stepping outside, rain or shine, apply your usual sunblock as well as a chap stick or lip stick with at least 15 SPF!

Tip 4: Are your lips thin? Yes? Do you not have time to go to the store and buy a lip plumper when you have a date in an hour? Fear no more! You can find one useful spice in your kitchen cabinet that can perk your lips right up!! The secret ingredient? Cinnamon. (Warning! If you`re allergic to cinnamon, don`t do this, just try to make do by rubbing them to create blood flow so they will liven up a bit until you can buy some lip plumper!) But yes, cinnamon. Just take a little bit and moisten it. Rub it on your lips before you apply lipstick and voilĂ !
For future reference, you should try to buy a lip plumper with niacin in it. Niacin is a form of vitamin B that increases the circulation in your lips.

Tip 5: Moisturize! Do you ever find yourself reapplying chap stick constantly? This means that the chap stick is doing more harm than help. Try to avoid products with camphor in them, like Blistex or Carmex. Camphor dries out the lips tremendously! Try avoiding scented or flavourful chap sticks as well, which will make you want to lick your lips often, thus removing the chap stick and making them dry out even faster! Try to use chap sticks that have shea butter or beeswax which will help moisturize your lips more and longer.

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