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Are you a fan of the iPad? Join the club. According to Steve Jobs, co-founder and CFO of Apple,, over 15 million iPads were sold in 2010. Thats fairly impressive, especially when you consider that the figures are not based on a full 12 months; the iPad wasnt even released until April of 2010. The iPad 2 was released in March of 2011 and it is estimated that the iPad sold over 500 thousand units on the first day. Ready to learn more fun facts about the iPad? Continue reading to learn about usage statistics, popular apps, and why you should never jailbreak an iPad.

Usage Statistics for the iPad

While the iPod was more popular with males than females, most studies show an equal amount of male and female iPad owners. Also worth noting: when the iPad was first released, only 34% of users were female. The number has continued to grow, and approximately 49% of women in the United States now own an iPad. The average iPad owner is male, Caucasian, and between 35-44 years old. Coming in second place for usage are 21-29 year olds, with 19% of them owning an iPad. Apple lovers tend to be repeat customers; 30% of people with an iPad 2 also own the original iPad.

Popular iPad Apps

Looking for the best iPad apps? Well, what are you interested in? Create your own library full of books youd like to read with iBooks, one of 2010s most popular book apps. Entertain your children (or yourself) while stuck in long lines or crowded waiting rooms with movies and TV episodes on Netflix or Flixster. Drown out your coworkers terrible choice of music with Pandora, a free music app. Use The Photo Cookbook to view tasty recipes and learn the steps required to properly prepare different dishes.

Dont Jailbreak your iPad

What is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking refers to the act of hacking into a phone or other electronic device to switch carriers. It can also be used to customize screens and download apps not offered by Apple. Sounds good, right? Sure, until you consider the fact that Apple is fighting to make jailbreaking illegal. Did you know that you can go to jail for up to 5 years if you jailbreak an iPad? Its not worth it. If you want to customize your phone, add some stickers or something. Itll keep you out of trouble.

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