Fun amp Amazing things to do in Google Chrome!

I was searching the web for fun games or funny things when I found a compilation of AMAZING Html interactive projects for Google Chrome. Here, the most entertaining ones: Ball Pool: Loots of colorful balls that you can click and have fun. The Wilderness Downtown: (the link won`t work in Hyperlink for some reason..) Seriously, this is absolutely amazing, made me drop my jaw. Just enter an adress, and it will do the thing. Its going to open a bunch of tabs and you don`t need to do anything, just enjoy the experience :) Trail: Just move your mouse and a trace of colours will follow you. Lights: An interactive experience with music by Elle Goulding, with a very bright colorful and futuristic landscape. Plus.. you can share it on your twitter and make your username appear in there. Atractors Trip: Reminds me of a nebula.. and a space ship. It will probably gie you a headache if you stay too long, lol but you definetly should check it out. I hope you enjoy all these, and have a fun experience with this new things that I just discovered. Did you know any of these?? *pic is a screencap from Ball Pool*

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