Full Review: Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser

4 years ago

Wow, it has been an extremely long time since I`ve posted anything here, I`ve neglected my account, which makes me feel like complete poop, but I`m back! Hopefully I`ll be able to post more things!! If not text, maybe videos... I`m still debating about doing videos, they would be easier for me to do edit, but I don`t really want them on YouTube (I`m still debating). Enough of me rambling on, let`s get to the review!

I purchased this product a while ago, I really want to say about six months ago, but I`m sure it has been longer than that. I originally purchased this at Wal-Mart, for $5-8 but I`m not completely sure because I purchased it a really long time ago. Overall I give this product a 9.3/10, here`s the breakdown:

-Packaging: 10/10
-Product: 9/10
-Smell: 8/10
-Texture/Feel: 10/10
-Performance: 10/10
-Results: 9/10
For a more in depth review of each of those categories, visit my blog, but if you`re going to purchase this product let me give you a heads up. The warming affect that this product have may be too intense for certain users and it is heavily scented (in my opinion) personally I don`t care about a product being too heavily scented. I suggest that if you find it at your local drug store and want to purchase (even after smelling the product) make sure you check the return policy for that drug store. After purchasing it you can either go home or go to the bathroom there and wet either the palm of your hand or the back of your hand as a spot test. Then place a pea size amount and rub it in, just like you would if you were to use this product on your face, and judge whether or not the product is too warm for you to use. This way you can easily return the product and don`t have to put your face on the line. **I`m really starting to think that it`d be easier if I did a video on this**
Hopefully this helps you

**Picture is mine**

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