Full ´N Soft Mascara Review!

5 years ago

Hey lovies. So this is officially one of my first posts on luuux (yay!). So I decided I wanted to do a little review on some mascara that I own. It´s called Full ´N Soft by Maybelline NewYork. It´s in a black tube with a silver cap. It´s honestly not one of my favorite mascaras, but it´s not the worst. I´ll just make a quick list of the pro´s & con´s of this product so you´ll see it better.
1. It has an ah-mazing brush. It´s not rubber, so it stays in place & doesn´t fly around everywhere when you apply it. It has a ton of bristles.
2. It does not clump. Like it literally never clumps on your lashes I guess because it´s more liquid-y than most mascaras. (That´s a good thing!!)
3. I have it in ´Very Black´ & I swear the color is really dark & amazing. I love how dark it is.
4. Your lashes aren´t forzen like they were spritzed with hair-spray. They actually are legit soft, but still full have volume & length.
5. They never flake. Like at the end of the day, your mascara stays in place.(Thank god!) Like you wont find any flakes under your eyes.

1. It doesn´t give the best volume compared to other mascaras. Actually it gives almost NO volume. You´ll barely see a difference.
2. It doesn´t give the best length. But you will actually see a difference in length unlike volume.
3. It´s hard to get the lower lashes, because the brush is thick. So you´re bound to get mascara where you don´t want it.

That´s actually it. I would recommend this mascara, but only if you´re using another mascara. Like I actually pile on three mascaras at one time! One for volume, one for length & one to make my lashes darker. I honestly have no idea how much it costs! Sorry! I would rate this product.. 5 out of 10 stars.
xx anna

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