Fruit Pizza Dessert

if you like to browse all over the pinterest food boards, you know there are a ton of decadent, delicious, mouthwatering looking yummies, one that looks particularly good is the fruit pizza. now in my house, we are fruit lovers alllll the way, I mean they`d rather eat that than anything else - except for kiwi, they don`t like kiwi LOL so I decided to try it out

I am lazy, I will admit it, so I`m going with sugar cookie mix rather than you know, being all betty crocker and doing it form scratch. so mix as directed and then put it on a cookie sheet. yes, I know, my shape is a little off lol for a bigger pizza that might take up the whole cookie sheet I`m thinking two boxes of this stuff. bake it until it`s golden brown and your house smells like heaven, you`ll know when it`s ready lol here`s where the whole shaping thing comes into play, my cookie/pizza crust looks totally wonky lol

the "sauce" which I have to warn you, is highly addictive because it`s like cheesecake and it`s creamy and delicious and oh man, this would make an awesome fruit dip *gasp* oh that`s even more dangerous !!! anyways, I used one package of room temp philadelphia cream cheese and one regular size jar of marshmallow fluff, whip those babies together and you`ve got heaven. now ideally, fruits in bright colors would look awesome, like kiwis and blueberries but yeah, didn`t have any, so I settled for strawberries, raspberries, nectarine slices and green grapes

once the crust has cooled - the hardest part is waiting for this to happy, slather that deliciousness of sauce all over it, and I mean shmear it. I left a little bit of crust showing because we all know the edges are nice and crunchy and ugh, good !

I can`t begin to tell you how good this was, how much my kids loved it - including the uber picky one that would never in a million years eat cream cheese. my house smelled incredible while it was baking. the main reason why I baked it is because I have to return a plate to my neighbors that came with some cute cake thingies and well, I can`t return it empty now can I ? next time though, I`ll use a round pan and see how that works out !!!

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