Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots Edition

4 years ago

I have been absolutely addicted to this game for the iPad. If you like fruit ninja, this makes the game that much better. The reason why I like this version compared to the original version is because of the challenges. There`s 3 levels and then a final level. In the 3 levels, there are some challenge type games. Once you get to the last final level, you have to slice a piƱata a bunch of times to get more points. Also, you get 3 lives. The lives give you points at the end if you haven`t used them.

It makes the game much more interesting compared to the regular Fruit Ninja. It does have the infinite version where you just slice fruit avoiding bombs and dropping all the fruits. That`s fun, but I itching the different challenges are much more fun.

Have any of you guys played this version? If you have, how do you like it?

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