Frozen Dinner Rewards Programs

2 years ago

Sometimes companies will provide a rewards program if you purchase their frozen meals. Two companies that are good for this are Stouffer`s and Lean Cuisine. These companies can be more rewarding compared to other frozen foods companies because you actually get something for eating their meals (at least if you redeem the points you earn).

My family and I threw away the boxes for years never knowing how the program worked. You need to actually tear open the box at the seams very carefully so that you don`t rip the code in the middle of the larger side of the box.

Once you`re signed up, you should enter your codes into their systems. The codes are worth about 20 points per meal, and sometimes 40 depending on the product. Not every product they sell is part of the rewards program, so check which ones are before you purchase any. You can enter up to a certain amount of codes per day. My local grocery store also occasionally prints codes worth 20 points, and I`ve received at least one code in promotional emails from Stouffer`s. I don`t recall seeing any from Lean Cuisine yet, but I rarely purchase frozen dinners, or eat them anymore.

You can search their catalogs for rewards you like, and they will be shipped to the address you entered when you created you account. The rewards are cycled out every so often, and many are very expensive. You may not be able to earn enough before they are cycled out, but this isn`t usually a problem unless you don`t really eat frozen dinners very often.

Lean Cuisine also has a monthly poll you can get points for. Stouffer`s used to have this, but they removed this feature recently. There are also certain dates (such as the end of this year) that the program will come to an end and begin again the next year. They will run the program for as long as they choose to, which is usually several years. All of your points will expire at the end of that date, so be sure not to enter codes until after then unless you know you can afford a reward they`re offering. You don`t want to just lose all your points at the end of the cycle for the rewards program.

Many rewards cost thousands of points, so unless you really like frozen dinners, it might take you a while to get to that amount. Be sure to choose meals you enjoy as well. Eating something you don`t like just to earn points isn`t very fun. Also, remember to report any rewards you get when doing your taxes. Enjoy your meals! : )

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