Froyo Of The Day: Strawberry

4 years ago

It was unusually hot today so I decided to get myself some froyo from Yogen Früz. Yogen Früz has to be one of my favourite places to get frozen yogurt. I still need to try those amazing looking froyos I have seen here on Luuux. But the only shop that sells it is on the other side of the city, and parking is such a hassle there.

Back on topicraspberry is by far my favourite frozen yogurt and I usually only get that one. But today I decided to switch it up and try strawberry. To tell you the truth, this looks exactly like the raspberry one. I thought the shade of the froyo would be a lighter pink, but turns out it looks the same as raspberry. Guess the strawberries were pretty ripe.

The only difference would be the taste. The strawberry taste was not very strong; I could mostly just taste the plain frozen yogurt. Since the person who made it did a poor job of adding enough fruit to it. Such a shame that it didnt taste as good as I hoped it would be. And what sucks was that the owner of this Yogen Früz did not allow me to use my student discount card. He said that it only applies to the large size. Ummmno it doesnt. It applies to any regular priced yogurt product. I didnt bother arguing, it was only a dollar and few cents cheaper; whatever. As you can tell, I wont be going back to that Yogen Früz again. Such a bad experience.

<strong>Where have you experienced bad customer service before?</strong>

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