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5 years ago

On friday, my boyfriend took me to get frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Ive never been to golden spoon before, so I was really excited about what I was going to get. Unlike places like yogurt land that are self-serve, you choose the flavors and the employees put it in the cups for you. I ended up getting the flavors graham cracker, fresh pineapple, and pistachio. The flavors are clockwise in the order I listed them in. I decided to ask for oreo topping, because I love the crunch you get when you bite into the yogurt.

The yogurt itself was pretty darn good. The graham cracker pretty much tasted like I was biting into a graham cracker. I just wish there would have been graham cracker chunks in there or something. I know that sounds a bit much, because the chunks would probably be very moist by the time it was served. The fresh pineapple was very refreshing. Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream to get so of course I had to get it. If you havent had pistachio flavor ice cream, its a very light, subtle sweetness without being too sweet. Plus its very creamy. The fresh pineapple had tiny chunks of pineapple in the yogurt, and it was a little tart but still very delicious.

Overall, the flavors were okay. Aside from the graham cracker flavor, I think you can find these flavors at every other froyou vendor. I think that I prefer going to self-serve yogurt places though. This place was a little over-priced. I think I paid a little over $5, which isnt bad but could be sweeter with more crunchy toppings. One of the things I loved though, was that she layered the oreo bits so that there was some on the bottom of the cup as well as the top. So I got my moneys worth of oreo topping [because you pay a dollar per topping].

What are some of your favorite frozen yogurts/toppings to get?

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