Frosting Starters with Chocolate Almond = FAIL

So I decided to try the frosting starters that I got a couple months ago. : / <strong>EPIC FAIL</strong>

I`m not going to lie, I was always hesitant on these frosting starters. The 2 flavors I got in the mail were <em>chocolate almond</em> & <em>orange creme</em>. I don`t really like orange like that.
But I do like chocolate & I like almond. So I thought, hey why not.

& since me & my 2 best friends, Maria & Ana, were having a movie night over at their house, I was like lets bake. We made ice cream cupcakes. I was going to take pictures of them, but Ana put too much batter in them so they overflowed and some didn`t cook well. So after a while, we just took them out when they looked ready and since every time I poked something with it, it came out clear. We took it as a sign. We made 12 of those. 1 was left at the end of the night and there was 3 of us.

So the <strong>Frosting Starter</STRONG> instructions were on the frosting. It said to make a whole using a butter knife & then pour the powder in and mix it around. I did as was told until all powder was gone. Then I tried it..............

It didn`t taste like chocolate. It didn`t even taste like almond.
blahh. UGHHH Ana tasted it and she thought the same thing. Her thoughts were that they probably put more almond than chocolate.

<em>I tasted the frosting before I put in the powder. The frosting was good without the "flavor changer". </em>

Now, I`m hesitant about the orange creme, I`m too scared to do it. I rather just used the frosting itself. Either way, I only like my frosting to be a basic flavor.
ughh worst experience ever though.

<strong>Have you ever tried Frosting Starters?

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