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4 years ago

I was surfing on Youtube when I found this mature beauty guru, Kathy Spears. While the younger and more popular beauty gurus focus more on the make-up, her channel has more videos on skin care. She is a skin care professional owning her own salon, so she has a lot of knowledge and has investigated many of the things that she is talking about.

I have tried many things to control my oily skin, but I am tired of finding the magic solution. This is why Kathys ideas on facial cleansing seem like a breath of fresh air. Because her ideas seem to make a lot of sense, I thought I`d share them with you, in case you have not heard these before. Below are the highlights of this Youtube video, where she talks about basics of facial cleansing.

Finding right cleanser: It is easy to test whether cleanser is right for you. Cleanse your face with the cleanser, dry it with a towel and wait for 10-15 minutes without putting anything on your skin. See how you skin feels. If you feel that you need moisturizer, the cleanser is too strong.

Foaming or non-foaming: If you have oily skin, you can use foaming cleanser since it is stronger. If you have dry skin, use non-foaming cleanser.

Double-cleansing: You dont need a variety of products. If your skin does not feel clean after cleansing, you can wash it again with the same cleanser. This is actually the way the skin care professionals do in the salon.

No over cleansing: Do not scrub your face too much trying to make it too clean. Your face needs to have some oil, since it is protecting the skin.

No hot water: Some use hot water perhaps because they think hot water will open the pores for a deeper cleansing. Pores do not really open and close. Hot water can also activate the oil production.

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