From The Cat Print T-Shirt to The Leopard Heel: How To Achieve The Feline Fashion Look

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Animals often look beautiful and majestic in their natural environment. The inherent designs of their coats and fur can be as beautiful as any garment hanging in the top fashion houses around the world. Because of the intricate nature of these creatures, many designers find inspiration in these animals, favoring some over others. One of the most popular of creatures to use in designs for inspiration is cats. From cartoon cats that have inspired television shows to the animals in their natural state, feline inspiration is strong in the clothing and design markets. The following explains more about how you can achieve the feline look with the right clothing choices. From a cat print t-shirt to options in accessories, there is something for virtually everyone in this clothing inspiration.
The Printed T-Shirt
For those individuals that want the boldest look in feline wear, a cat print t-shirt can be a great addition to their wardrobes. A cat print t-shirt often has a plain colored or solid base hue. Upon this foundation is the image of a cat, tiger, or other feline creature. Usually, this is a screened printed image that makes a bold fashion statement. Coupled with a pair of jeans, it can be casual for a day out on the town or paired with a sleek black legging, it can be more appropriate for a night out. A cat print t-shirt need not be a single image of a large or domesticated cat. Many designers and fashion houses provide clothing options in a cat print as well. In Asian fashion houses, Hello Kitty is a popular feline for use in both a singular cat print t-shirt or as a multiple image upon a fabric. It simply depends on the design needs and wants of the purchaser.
Feline Accessories

If you want the feline style without the overt cat print t-shirt, consider a more subdued piece. A bit of leopard print or tiger stripe on an outfit can go a long way in achieving the style that you want without being too bold or out there. For example, a professional look coupled with a leopard belt or a tiger print headband can bring a contrast to the look that you want without the boldness of the cat print t-shirt style. Many retailers, both online and in the stores, offer these accessory pieces. Consider this as you attempt to achieve your feline inspired look.

Another way to achieve the feline look without the cat print t-shirt is through a shoe choices. From wedges to flats to high-heeled pumps, there are many options for fashion-forward individuals who want to bring the look of the wild into their design choices. For example, a great pair of leopard printed heels can spice up a night time look or be appropriate for the office as well. Be sure, though, that when choosing a printed heel or flat that you do not provide too much of the same pattern on top. A head to toe leopard, cheetah, or tiger print can become overwhelming stylistically and visually and create a more costumed feel rather than a fashion forward design aesthetic.

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