From Black To White-I Changed My iPhone Color

4 years ago

When i got my iphone i wasn`t sure if i would pick one in white or black. I was really leaning towards getting the white one but i ended up picking the black iphone because i thought it would be a little bit more discreet than the white one.
The white iphone idea got stuck in my head and i thought of swapping the color of the full phone but its expensive and it requires taking it all apart and i didn`t want that. So i found that the the back cover is easily replaceable and they are the cheapest part to replace. I went over to ebay ( how i love ebay =D ) and i instantly found out what i wanted.
You can do this with a bunch of different colors, i was actually surprised by the amount of colors they had but since i wanted the white one thats what i got.

Shipping was free and the cover was around 7$.
It didn`t go so well at first because when i received it was broken(last picture) and this was due to the way the post offices handle the mail and because it came in a big plastic envelope ( even though it was well wrapped). I contacted the seller immediately and i was offered a replacement or the refund, but i chose the replacement. I got it today and here it is!

I think it looks nice and gives the iphone a nice,different look. It is a bit more bulky than the stock one but i think the actual white iphone is that way also. It comes with the flash diffuser, which is very important so your pics with flash don`t turn out weird and it looks very original.

<strong>What was in "the box"/order:</strong>
- White back replacement
- Back protective film
- Tools ( 2 extra screws and 2 magnetic screwdrivers )
- Dust plug for the iphone dock connector

All this for just around 7$. It was the best deal i could find there.

<strong>So how do you install it?!</strong>
1- Use the provided screwdrivers to take the 2 screws on the bottom of the iphone
2- Slide the cover up
3- Put the new one
4- Slide it back
5- Put on the screws
6 - Done! Enjoy the new case! =D

I don`t know if i will use a case or bumper. The birds nest case that i got recently looks very nice one the white iphone back and it doesn`t make a "shock" with the 2 different colors. But this transparent and black bumper looks very cool also. I guess i will rotate them, i don`t know.

Overall im happy with my purchase and if you want to change your iphone a little bit get a replacement like this. Its easy to install and not that expensive.

<strong>What do you think of the color change? Do you the color(black front, white back) combo?
Do you think i should use the birds nest case, the black bumper or don`t use anything?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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