From a long day of working,What do you wanna do?

Hello Luuux Family ,
From a long day of working.
SOme time you feel like unnng.Sleepy from a long day of working.Make you wanna just relax.
On your way home you thinking bout what your going do.Get to bed in go to sleep.But right when u make it home some one call you.In you do some thing for them .Then you make it home.In u dont feel like doing nothing.But when you have kids,you have to because you cant leave them undone.SO you have to stay up an make show they are fine..Get in the bed in your not sleepy,So now your up.
What i always do it ,COme home an set down for a while.Then i run my bath water in add my favorite bubble bath ,Bring in the radio in put on a little music.That always seem to relax me.Then after a nice bath cook something fast to eat like hot pocket or some Ramon noodles.Watch some tv until you fall asleep.
All you wanna do it relax right.
But before you know it time has pass it time for you to go to sleep.then when you try to fll cant go,dont you feel like that sometime.i do.A hot bubble bath always help me.

My Favorited Body wash is Cumber melon,What is your favorite body wash you used to make the yummy bubble for you nice bath?

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