From a cupboard to Narnia: Organization Tips For Your Closet

It is a common misconception that to have a neat,, the closet space needs to be huge. This could not be further from the truth. Its true that large spaces make organization easier but with a bit of tactical planning and some essential storage accessories, even the tiniest closet can be as practical, neat and easily accessible as a large one. If you have minimal closet space, here are some tips that will help you to organize your precious closet space better:
Go vertical The top of a closet is often left unused and that accounts for nearly 25% of your closet space. To make optimum use of your closet, try and tap into this space. Install a double hang and use this space to that are shorter in length. This space is ideal for shirts; tees, jackets and scarves use slim hangers to avoid further space wastage. What goes on the top of your closet?
Specialized hangers Buy and use hangers that are designed specifically for certain types of garments. It may seem like an unnecessary expenditure of time, money and effort but its worth it. For example, pant hangers are slim hangers with several rows instead of just one. Youd then be able to use a single hanger to hang up to four different pairs of trousers. Ideally then, two of these hangers will do the job that normally youd need eight different hangers for.
Rotate, Rotate, And Rotate Each season demands a very specific wardrobe. When you have a small closet, it is very important to periodically sort through your clothes and put away the ones you dont need for this season. Theres no reason to leave your bulky coats on their heavy wooden hangers hanging in your closet all through spring and summer. Instead, create a separate storage area in your closet (Square bins with lids fit well on the floor of your closet and are very accommodating yet compact) and pack away what you dont need this season.
Reaching for optimum Storage This is an extension of the point made above: Since you dont wear the same clothes all year round, you shouldnt use the same hangers either. Your winter coats and pants need wooden hangers, your etc. Hence when you are not using certain items of clothing, pack away their hangers too. Leaving hangers in your closet clutters it up for no reason. Keep a little corner of storage area specifically for hangers. If you follow these tips, youll easily manage to always find room for your ever-expanding wardrobe irrespective of the size of your closet. Also, since smaller closets almost force people to be more organized, youll notice that youll always know the exact location of everything you own and youll be pleasantly surprised to see how much faster you get ready in the mornings. How do you Would you like to share some closet management tips with us?

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