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5 years ago

I know that selling frog is illegal in the United States but some places still do it. I was grocery shopping with my cousin for the week and we came across this Chinese market that sold frogs. I love eating frog, I`ve never cooked it until now. My mom usually cooks frog for us but this time I wanted to try it. I bought three frogs and watched the kill and skin it... It was very traumatizing! No wonder it is illegal in the States!!! Ahh, why does it have to ease so good though....

When I got home I had to finish cutting it up into pieces. For those who don`t know, after a frog has been killed, it still moves. It`s muscles still has reflexes when you touch it. As I was chopping it up, the leg twitched and I screamed. It was so scary and hard to cut! The bones are thick! All I did was marinate it in a chinese marinate sauce, added oyster sauce, white pepper, salt, and a little cornstarch. I mixed it all in a bowl and let it sit while I prep other things for the dish. I washed and soaked my vegetables in a bowl of water. I then diced chinese sausage and chinese bacon into small squares. I pan fried then over medium heat. I added the frog and the chinese sausage and chinese bacon until its done cooking. I cooked the vegetables separately in a different pan. After it was al done, I plated my food and voila! It looked delicious and it was very good!! Does anyone here love or hate frog? Let me know, have you tried frog before?

*Picture taken by me; its a before and after image.

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