Frisch`s Big Boy Burger

5 years ago

Every now and then I get a horrible craving for a burger. There are some really good burger places, but you know how it is... sometimes you have that craving for a very specific restaurant`s burger. The other night mine was for Frisch`s. I think in other states (like California?) they call it Bob`s Big Boy. I`m pretty sure they`re the same thing. I could be wrong, but from what I`ve seen of the Bob`s Big Boy outside and such, they`re the same.

ANYWAY, I wanted their Big Boy combo. It comes with their burger, fries, and a drink. I don`t typically like burgers with 2 patties, but theirs isn`t overwhelming. It also has shredded lettuce, tarter sauce, cheese, and a pickle. I don`t add anything else to mine. Its perfect as is. And for my drink I ALWAYS get their vanilla coke. MMM!!! They make the best vanilla cokes. They add the vanilla syrup, its not from the fountain machine. Because of that you can ask them to go light or heavy on the vanilla. I can remember being little and my parents would buy their vanilla syrup by the jug for our drinks at home. They offer that, too. And, as goofy as it sounds...they have amazing ice. Its little, soft, snowball looking pellets of ice. Not the hard square, break your teeth off if you try to bite into it, kind.

It killed my craving. I know it isn`t healthy, but man was it good. They also make good chili and also veggie soups. Mmmm!


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