Fried Tilapia Fish

Yesterday, I went to an Asian Supermarket with my dad and he bought three live tilapia fish because it was on sale $3.69 a lb, total for 3 was a little over $12) and plus it`s a good fish to fry. I get sad when I see the live fishes getting killed which is why American Supermarkets don`t offer live fish so I never stand in the fish section of the market. This evening for lunch, my mom marinated the fish with salt, pepper, garlic, garlic powder and some Asian ingredients and off the fishes went in the pan to be fried. It is extremely rare to have fried fish or fish with skin in my household. My parents always peel off the skin or don`t eat it cause it`s fattening but OMG, we had fish skin today! It was extremely crunchy and yummy. The fish was good with rice. I also ate the fish with a side of /viz/vietnamese-creamy-yam-soup-canh-khoai-mo. Today`s lunch was good and homemade by my mom. The perks about living at home.
What is your favorite fish to be fried? Photo via Mine | Don`t take without permission

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